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Epic 10&
Spino 10&
Epic 10&

Epic 10'' All Terrain Fastest Hoverboard and Go Kart Combo

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36V 4Ah Battery
LED Light
 350W Dual Motor
265 Lbs Max Load
 15° Uphill
 12 MPH
 12-18 Mile Range


The 10'' is the largest tyre size hoverboard available. for Epic, the super speed and high quality of the product guarantee a great experience and years of use, best for those who need to use it for a long time.


Big Fat Tires

The 10'' is the largest size of all hoverboard tires now available. The extra-large air tire has an extreme visual impact and damping effect, so if you want these, then this will be your best choice.

Hidden handle

Handed to different factories to produce and ship, low cost and uneven quality, can not take care of every detail in the production, high defect rate and difficult to guarantee after-sales.

What's in the box

The hoverboard you choose.

Hoverboard go-kart.

User instructions.

Charging plug.

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