simate 8.5 rex hoverboard and go kart attachment

Mega 8.5'' Off Road Hoverboard and Go Kart Combo

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36V 4Ah Battery
LED Light
 300W Dual Motor
265 Lbs Max Load
 15° Uphill
 9.5 MPH
 9.5-12.5 Mile Range

Most cost effective

Large 8.5'' off-road tyres, nice LED display, textured case, and much more. It's not designed for anyone in particular, but your whole family and friends.

Mega is at its core a great fit for everyone.


Large size off-road tires

If you are looking for an all-purpose hoverboard, the 8.5'' large size off-road tire is definitely your choice. It can conquer any terrain and has a very powerful explosion-proof function. Choose it, you never have to worry about the tire problem.

LED Display & Hidden handle

The HD LED display shows the power and speed, and you can monitor them at any time. The hidden handle is on the back, you can refer to the picture in Epic. The difference between them is the tires.

What's in the box

The hoverboard you choose.

Hoverboard go-kart.

User instructions.

Charging plug.

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