Apato 6.5'' hovebroard

The 6.5'' tires plus the self-balancing model is the best design for kids and beginners. It is the best-selling model in Simate that was chosen as a gift.

Tank 8.5'' hoverboard

As you can see, this is definitely the best value for money hoverboard. tell people you paid a thousand dollars for it and they will believe it.

mega 8.5'' hoverboard

If you are torn between Tank and Epic, then Mega is your best choice. Because it not only has Tank's off-road tires, but also has Epic's LED screen and hidden handle.

Epic 10'' Hoverboard

Super large 10'' pneumatic tires, the best shock absorption. LED screen display and hidden handle are its proof of being a high-grade hoverboard. Whether you have the budget or not, click the picture to see it.

We make hoverboards with sincerity

We are 100% involved in every step of the process, from market research to product delivery.

The 4 hoverboards we now sell on our website are designed for the 4 types of people who need them, and taking the user's needs fully into account is our first step forward.

It was worthwhile to spend 6 months comparing factory production conditions to get a factory that could produce the highest quality hoverboard we wanted to present to our customers.

We put a lot of effort into shipping to avoid bad deliveries, you may see foam in the packages, that is to avoid collisions during shipping. By the way, that's an environmentally friendly material.

Yes, we are working with sincerity.